Cerec Same Day Dentistry

CEREC Dentist Wildomar, CAMost single porcelain restorations at Velk Family Dentistry are SAME DAY RESTORATIONS, fabricated in-office utilizing CEREC, a CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. 

How Does CEREC Dentistry Work?

CEREC technology uses a combination of a digital intra-oral scanner, CAD-CAM software, and 3-dimensional imaging to provide cutting-edge digital dentistry. One of the most common uses of CEREC technology is in the fabrication of porcelain restorations. Traditional dental porcelain restorations are usually made during two separate appointments over the span of a few weeks requiring wearing a temporary crown. While the traditional route may still be the best option for some patients, many patients are candidates for a CEREC restoration.

With CEREC the final restoration is designed, manufactured and placed in your mouth directly without any temporary crown needed, all in the same day.


CEREC Technology - 4 Simple Steps

  1. Digital impressions- We capture an image of the area to be treated with an intra-oral scanner
  2. Tooth design in 3D- A 3D model of your teeth and your new restoration is immediately created on the computer.
  3. In-house production- The restoration is then quickly milled from a ceramic block and is custom stain and glazed  in our office.
  4. Placement- We cement your custom-fit, final restoration at the conclusion of your appointment.

What to Expect During Your Appointment:

  • We make you comfortable and prepare the tooth
  • Take a digital scan of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth/bite
  • Send the digital model to our in-office milling unit 
  • The milling unit fabricates the restoration out of a block of pressed porcelain
  • Bite and fit are verified
  • The porcelain restoration is custom stained and glazed by the dentist to match your existing teeth
  • Porcelain restoration is permanently cemented 


  • Saves time, no second appointment
  • No messy impressions needed
  • No temporary required
  • Leave with final restoration

Other Benefits of CEREC

The digital impression technology that the CEREC process offers, allows our dentists the ability to replace traditional impressions used in other treatments such as night guards, bleaching trays, clear plastic retainers and when planning, placing and restoring implants.

Why Choose Dr. Velk As Your CEREC Dentist?

You don’t want a dentist who doesn’t use modern techniques or equipment. That’s why at Velk Family Dentistry we are committed to learning new procedures and technologies to keep our team on the cutting-edge in dentistry.

Contact Our Wildomar CEREC Dentist

Call Velk Family Dentistry today at (951) 609-0445 to learn more about CEREC same-day dentistry in Wildomar, and to make your appointment with our CEREC trained dentists.

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